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Are Under graduate or post graduate students allowed to register for the conference as paper presenter? If yes, under what category they need to register?

Yes, they need to register as paper presenter and fee will be applicable under Scholar/Student category.

Will the students so registered get the certificate of presentation or participation if they are not the main author?


In the case of multiple authors do all authors need to register?

Yes, all authors must do complete registration.

What is the maximum number of authors per paper?

There’s no maximum number.

Can we submit a paper based on secondary data only?


What is the last date to submit the full paper?

25 th Oct, 2022 is the last date for full paper submission.

Which software is your selection for plagiarism check?

As per UGC norms

What is the acceptable plagiarism percentage? Do we need to attach the plagiarism report with the full paper?

Authors need to attach the plagiarism report with full paper as per UGC norms, with permissible level as under 10%.

Do all authors need to be present at the time of presentation session?

One author may present the paper

Is there any other mode of payment apart from the link provided?


Can I register offline on the day of the conference?

No, on the spot registrations will not be done

Do I need to register separately for the Workshop?

No, there’s a single registration for the conference and Workshop

Can I only register for the Workshop?

Yes, register as an attendee for conference

Is cancellation of registration allowed? If so, what is the time frame to cancel the registration? Do I get the registration fee refund?

Cancellation of registration is not allowed.